Ovation & Ecovision Tyres

We take immense pride in our longstanding partnership as the distributor for Ovation and Ecovision Tyres, serving regions across Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia since 2009.

Ovation tyres, a brand synonymous with excellence, are manufactured by Shandong Hengfeng, one of China's largest and most reputable tyre manufacturers.

With an impressive annual production exceeding 24 million tyres, Shandong Hengfeng showcases a substantial manufacturing capacity. Their commitment to quality aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide superior products to our valued customers.

Shandong Hengfeng's global reach extends to more than 120 countries, solidifying Ovation as a trusted and recognised brand worldwide. As the proud distributor of Ovation Tyres, we are delighted to bring these quality products to the diverse landscapes and driving conditions across Australia.

We are thrilled to share that Ovation tyres have received a commendation from Choice Magazine, one of Australia's most respected consumer watchdogs. This endorsement underscores the quality, performance, and safety of Ovation Tyres, providing you with the confidence that you are making a smart choice for your vehicle.

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